Jesse here with HEALTHY OPTIONS

Hi everyone with whom I am familiar.   Jesse Carnes here.  I am concerned with our Families being healthy.  I have been brought to ascertain the gravity of these issues mainly through the work of such people as Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and also my friend, Dr. Rhett Bergeron [Greater Atlanta area].

CATAGORICALLY . . . What I want to discuss within this blog comprises the following areas :

Natural and/or Organic Foods

Dangers of GMO Produce

Safe Potable Drinking Water

Excito-toxins and their Dangers [ eg MSG, Nutra-Sweet, etc ]

Vaccines (USA) and their Side-Effects

Statin Prescription Drugs and the bogus Cholesterol Industry

Pharmaceutical industry–Are they Honest?

Moderate Wine consumption & Polyphenols

Benefits of Chiropractic

Ever Warmly in Christ Jesus’ name . . . Jesse Carnes


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